Egyptian Red Topset Onion
Heritage Onions
CFM Egyptian Onions
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type of perennial onion grown
chiefly as a curiosity or for early
salad onions; having bulbils that
replace the flowers
Synonyms: tree onion, top onion,
Allium cepa viviparum
Catawissa Topset Onions
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Heritage also produces abundant
topset bulbils which can be planted for
next years crop. Heritage White topsets
are extremely hardy and should grow
almost anywhere in the U.S.
Heritage Sweet White are
similar to the Egyptian red
and the Catawissa strains.
It grows to a height of 2
feet and as the name
implies the onion bulbs
and the bulbils are white. It
produces many more
inground bulbs than its
cousins, with up to twenty
or more 1 inch bulbs
produced per plant per
"20 Heritage White Onions"
Also called a walking onion for its ability to replant the topset
bulbils close to the mother plant when the stalk matures and
bends to the ground where they take root. The Egyptian topset
grows to a height of 2 Feet and is a milder  tasting onion than
the Catawissa variety listed below.  
The Egyptian also called a tree
onion or walking  
onion is a perennial that is very
addition to any garden.
Besides the ability to produce
several underground bulbs, the
plant produces a
topset cluster of bulbils atop a
hollow stalk in the  
place of normal flowers.
Sometimes called a tree  
onion because of its branching
"20 Egyptian Red Topset Onions"
The topsets are unique
because they often have a
growing above and out of
the earlier lower set. The
The topsets are unique
elongated bulbils have a
more brownish to maroon
color than the rounder
Egyptian variety. Extremely
hardy and safe to plant in all
areas of the  
continental U.S..
The Catawissa Topset Onion grows to a height of2 1\2 Feet. It’s
earlier and much more productive than the similiar Egyptian topset
onion, because it forms many more underground bulbs.
"20 Catawissa Topset Onions"
All of the Bulbs you receive will be the superior
In-Ground Bulbs and NOT the smaller topset
bulbils which most stores sell